The Sacrament of Marriage or Holy Matrimony is another sign or call of those baptized to be concerned with the salvation of others. A marriage signifies the selfless, life-giving love that God has for us when a man and a woman unite, committing themselves to each other and to the children they may bring forth. There is no higher expression of love than the total giving of one person to another.

Holy Matrimony is administered by the couple themselves, with a priest or deacon as a witness of the church. Due to the need for adequate preparation, marriage arrangements should be made at least six months in advance. The parish will assist couples in preparing for marriage and couples will participate in an “Engaged Encounter” weekend experience of prayer and discussion where they are challenged to explore their relationship in a much deeper, more honest and faith filled way. Since a wedding is a day and a marriage is a lifetime, we want to help engaged couples prepare for both.

Our church is available for wedding ceremonies until 1pm on Saturdays (no weddings are arranged on Sundays). Because we do not have a separate hall on our premises, we are unable to accommodate a reception here at San Austin but can offer suggestions for local venues.


To begin the process of preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage, please call our parish office to make an appointment, 438-3633.

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together let no man separate.” (Matthew 19:6)